Microsoft Word (Office) 2007 Keyboard shortcuts (Keys)

Common Short Cut Keys

Ctrl + A = Select All
Ctrl + B = Bold selected Text
Ctrl + C = Copy
Ctrl + D = Open Font preference Window
Ctrl + E = Aligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen.
Ctrl + F = Open Find Box
Ctrl + I = Italic selected text
Ctrl + K = Hyperlink
Ctrl + L = Aligns the line or selected text to the Left of the screen.
Ctrl + N = Create a new File
Ctrl + O = Open a file
Ctrl + P = Print preview
Ctrl + R = Aligns the line or selected text to the Right of the screen.
Ctrl + S = Save
Ctrl + U = Underline
Ctrl + V = Paste
Ctrl + W = Close the current Document
Ctrl + X = Cut
Ctrl + Y = Redo
Ctrl + Z = Undo

Function key Shortcuts

Press F1 to access online Help or the Office Assistant
Press F2 to move text or graphics
Press F3 to insert an AutoText entry (after Word displays the entry)
Press F4 to repeat the last action
Press F5 to choose the Go To command (Edit menu)
Press F6 to go to next pane or frame
Press F7 to launch the Spelling and Grammar check
Press F8 to extend a selection
Press F9 to update selected fields
Press F10 to activate the Menu Bar
Press F11 to go to the next field
Press F12 to choose the Save As command (File menu)

Shift + Function key

Press Shift + F1 to start context-sensitive Help or reveal formatting
Press Shift + F2 to copy selected text
Press Shift + F3 to change the case of letters
Press Shift + F4 to repeat a Find or Go To action
Press Shift + F5 to move to a previous revision
Press Shift + F6 to go to the previous pane or frame
Press Shift + F7 to choose the Thesaurus command (Tools menu, Language submenu)
Press Shift + F8 to shrink a selection
Press Shift + F9 to switch between a field code and its result
Press Shift + F10 to display a shortcut menu
Press Shift + F11 to go to the previous field
Press Shift + F12 to choose the Save command (File menu)

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